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According to the Grace You’ve Been Given

“…a dominant form tends to attract to itself writers whose talents would have fitted them much better for work of some other kind.”

– C.S. Lewis, Allegory of Love, pg. 232

Fashion has a lure.  It whispers to you acceptance — “come and serve the popular taste, and you will find the approval you crave”.  But it is a trap!  It pulls you away, like a swirling black hole, from the work that you are fitted for, made for.  The work that no one else was to make but you.

The better way:  Work within the limits of the grace you’ve been given.  I mean work it!  Tap that spring!  Play and push.  Squeeze to the last drop your dose of imagination, your realm of experience, your ration of talent.  And say “bah!” to worldly success;  let the chips fall where they may — God gives the growth as He sees fit.