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Here’s an illustration for all the swimmers out there. You know the flip-turn:  pull … pull … you’re gliding right toward the wall.  And then at the last moment you tuck your head into your gut, make a spiral and a twist, plant your feet firmly on the wall, and thrust off like a rocket in the other direction.

Disappointments can be like that; like the wall, I mean.  They can really wreck us if we head at them full speed ahead.  But we can also use them to our advantage.  Just a flip, and we are set up with a marvelous springboard; incredible momentum to start off a change in direction.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been choking on life a bit as of late.  But with the disappointments (and the regurgitating of the disappointments) I’ve also been finding this wonderful springboard action happening: in reaction to the things I can’t control there is this burst of power, this gritty determination, to focus on the things I can.  The pain is met with resilience.  There is in me courage, a spirit of adventure, an ear tuned to God’s positive voice, a fire to be industrious, hard-working, and self-controlled.

Flips and changes heading toward the Light belong to the category of repentance.  To turn around, to change not only our mind but our actions because of a change in mind, have these accompanying springboard disappointments, I think.  The knowledge of the need for change was already in me, and I had been making some slow piddly progress, I suppose.  But the explosive burst that comes from feet planted on death’s floor … it is a refusal to die. It’s resurrection power!

I shouldn’t say much more; “show, don’t tell” is how the old adage goes.  Just this — I had a friend for a short season who was deeply motivating to me, and what was so attractive was not what he said but what he did.  He was actively and positively engaged in the combat of good choices, working hard at his responsibilities, doing his best, playing his part.  I want to fight like that. I want to growl at the wind.

Show, don’t tell.  Let’s get to it and rebuild.

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